Dr. Jamal A. Hosn   Composer and Audio-Visual Artist

Born 1957                                                                                    

An artist acclaimed for combining high quality standards of classical music with  expressive elements of ethnic and electronic colors.

A pioneer in the audio-visual arts including: multi-media, world music, live musical performances, modern dance, poetry, video arts, computer graphics, animation, laser technology, superior lighting and screen surround displays.

His productions include numerous orchestral works, interactive electronic music and music for film and TV.

- From Vienna to Los Angeles to Dubai to Yokohama, he has performed in over 100 Festivals, Universities, and Conferences worldwide.

- He is the recipient of many Grants, Awards, and Admiration Certificates from cities, cultural organizations, art associations, and music festivals.

- His music has been recorded, released commercially and broadcasted on both radio and TV.

  • His musical style can be attributed to his wide educational background, having pursued the Arts from a young age, starting in the Cairo Conservatory of Music and the Leonardo Da Vinci Art Institute in Egypt. Eventually, he found his way to the Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in Vienna, where he received the Highest Degree in Music Composition, besides Electro-Acoustic and Experimental Music. Later, he went on to pursue specialization in Film Music at the University of Southern California.

  • In between creating, performing, and touring shows, he is currently living in his hometown in Mount Lebanon where he has established a unique home studio for his arts and music. There, he continuously promotes the musical education of coming generations through the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music, as Professor of Composition and Computer Music Technology, and Board Member of the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as Professor of Audio-Visuals at ALBA (Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts) the University of Balamand.

Member of: ASCAP (American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers), National  Association of Composers USA, Musicians Union in Lebanon and SACEM (Société des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Éditeurs de Musique)