• An acclaimed artist for combining high quality standards of classical music with expressive elements of ethnic and electronic colors.Symphonic Colors
  • A pioneer in the audio-visual arts including: multi-media, world music, live musical performances, modern dance, poetry, video arts, computer graphics, animation, laser technology, superior lighting and        screen surround displays.
  • Hosn’s productions include numerous orchestral works, interactive electronic music and music for film and TV.
  • From Vienna to Los Angeles to Dubai to Yokohama, he has performed in over 100 Festivals, Universities, and Conferences worldwide.
  • Hosn is the recipient of many Grants, Awards, and Admiration Certificates from cities, cultural organizations, art associations, and music festivals.
  • Hosn’s music has been recorded, released commercially and broadcasted on both radio and TV.
  • Hosn’s musical style can be attributed to his wide educational background, having pursued the Arts from a young age, starting in the Cairo Conservatory of Music and the Leonardo Da Vinci Art Institute in Egypt. Eventually, he found his way to the Academy of Music        and Dramatic Art in Vienna, where he received the Highest Degree in Music Composition,        besides Electro-Acoustic and Experimental Music. Later, he went on to pursue specialization        in Film Music at the University of Southern California.
  • Member of: ASCAP (American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers), National Association of Composers USA , Musicians Union in Lebanon and SACEM (Société des Auteurs, Compositeurs et Éditeurs de Musique).


  • "Symphonic Colors" Audio CD, 2015
  • "TV Series Shurakaa" Soundtrack Audio CD, 2008
  • "Beirut Open City" DVD Film-score, 2007
  • "Mist" Audio CD, 2006
  • "Reflections from Jeita Grotto" DVD, 1997
  • "Selected Film Music" Audio CD, 1995
  • "Visions Beyond" Audio CD, 1993
  • "Harmonic Intoxication" Audio Cassette, 1991
  • "Joint Concert in Vienna" Audio Cassette, 1986

Selected of World-Wide Performances and Shows

  • ”Tyre A City of Memory and Dreams” at the Tyre International Festival 2017 Opening Ceremony
  • "Musical Visions" An Audio Visual Multimedia Concert Opening of the Douma Festivals July 2016
  • "Symphonic Arabesque" World premiere of his most recent Orchestral compositions, with the

        Lebanese philharmonic orchestra , Conductor Fouad Fackoury at St. Joseph church on may         13-2016

  • The release of his new Album "Symphonic Colors" May 13- 2016 at the St. Joseph Crypt
  • The launching of the new album 'Symphonic Colors' on the 27th of June at the National Library in Baakleen
  • “Lebanese Symphonic Dances” performed by the Mexico City Philharmonic Orchestra, Tour 2015
  • “A Special Symphonic Tribute to Zaki Nassif” performed by the LPO Conductor Lubnan Baalabaki on Jan.30, 2015
  • “Dance Suite” performed by Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, Conductor: Han-Na Chang, at the Opera House on April 19, 2014
  • “Human Rights Overture” with the United Nations and Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra at UNESCO Theater- Beirut on Dec. 6, 2013
  • “Dance Suite” performed by A path for Hope Youth Orchestra at Greek Theater of Segesta Italy on May 18, 2013
  • “Mahma - Tribute to Zaki Nassif" with the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra at Grand Serail on Dec.4, 2013
  • “Symphonic Poem- Lebanon 1983” with the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra Conductor: Ahmed El Saedi, at St. Joseph Church on Feb. 2, 2013
  • “A New Hope” with the Green Mind Award Ceremony at Biel in 2012
  • “Echoes of Light” at Rashaya Castel Opening Festival in 2012
  • “Beyond” at the Lebanese International University, Cultural City II, Opening Festival in 2012
  • “MusiColor” at the Deir El Qamar Opening Festivals, Beirut Biel Center and the American  University of Beirut, Assembly Hall in 2011
  • “Globalization” performed at the Global Villages Festival Opening Ceremony in 2011
  • Byblos Port, Smar Jbeil Castle, UNESCO Palace Theatre in Beirut, Balamand University and Beirut World Book Capital
  • Chinese Ministry of Culture Official Invitation in 2011
  • “The Robin” performed by the Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra with Conductor: Wojciech Czepiel at St. Joseph Church, Nov. 26, 2010
  • “Universal Harmony” at UNESCO in Paris, Barkley Theatre in California USA, and in Lebanon at Khalil Gibran Museum
  • “Dance Suite for Symphony Orchestra” performed by the Flint Symphony Orchestra, USA  and the Lebanese National Symphony Orchestra in 2010
  • “See My Music” in Al Madina Theater, Al Bustan, Versailles Palace Theater, and Ivoir Theatre
  • Qatar the Land of Love and Peace at the opening of the Doha Cultural Festival 2008
  • Tyre International Festival 1996 and the Liberation Concert at Alshqeef Castle South Lebanon in 2001
  • Jerash International Festivals 2000
  • Cairo Opera House in 2000
  • World Expo in Lisbon, Portugal in 1998
  • Reflections from Jeita Grotto in 1997
  • Muscat International Festival 1999
  • A Journey Beyond at University of California in 1993
  • “Symphonic Poem” performed by the Pacific Symphony Orchestra at Orange County Performing Arts Center, California in 1989
  • “Speak of Love” performed by the Chamber Artists of Washington DC at New Zealand Embassy in 1988
  • “ The Robin” performed by Pro Arte Symphony of Vienna at Radio and Television Concert Hall in 1986
  • USC Symphony Orchestra at Spielberg Scoring Stage in Los Angeles and the UCF Symphony Orchestra in Florida in 1987
  • Piano Joint Concert Tokyo Conservatoire in 1984

Selected Reviews from International Magazines and Newspapers

Jamal has created a masterful, culture-jumping musical treat with MIST. Acoustic piano and MIDI orchestra, Arabic modes, and a variety of synthesized instruments (Nay, Oud, Buzuq among others), implemented with finesse, give Jamal’s work a rare freshness. This is the most interesting CD I’ve heard in months.

Michael Gallant – Keyboard Magazine, USA.

Blending orchestral instruments with the brush of Zaki Nassif, glimmering with a Lebanese folklore, composer Jamal A. Hosn… was able to elevate the music from a rural melody that had permeated into the soils of the motherland, to the status of world symphony.

May Menassa – Annahar

Jamal A. Hosn's "Symphonic Poem"…Emotionally charged… Very interesting Orchestration.

Los Angeles Times

Without cause and effect, Jamal A. Hosn is situated between Brahms and Chopin for his two Arabic Dances for Symphony Orchestra, that are marked and sustained by Levantine rhythms and tones. Sounds triumph shine in a beautiful orchestration charged with light and color. Edgar Davidian – L'Orient-Le Jour.

The rhythm raises thousands of questions about man and the universal society, about war, life and death, about destruction and reconstruction, about delving into the realities of an electronic planet. YaqzanTaqi – Al Mustaqbal.

Music, poetry, melodies and choreography make up his sight and sound show, which fills theaters all over the world and carries, once again, Lebanon’s avant-garde. Henry Zoghaib – Cedar Wings.

Melodies transport the listeners onto a magic carpet patch consisting of mystic tunes, colors and imagination. The Arab audience was enchanted by Jamal’s music as he formed a unique orchestra where new technologies served as means of conveying the music he played.

Panorama Magazine – Oman.

The magical music revived the silent nature of the Jeita Grotto and its calm water. The exceptional melodies of Jamal carry you through sights and sounds, gliding through them far beyond natural boundaries. Dr. Nabil Haddad

Jamal exceeded time barriers to an ocean of creative tunes and colors, with shadows that titillate your eyes and ears. Mona Taouk – Nidaa’ El-Watan

The public saw the full talent of this multicultural artist thr ough the “eyes of music.” In short, A. Hosn produces a “poetry of sounds” based on the diversity of his creativity.

The Daily Star ً